"When we purchased a block of land in the mountains at Castle Hill we considered a number of construction methods, but decided on a log cabin. From concepts, through to architectural drawings and eventually to on site construction we were guided by the artisan approach and passion for log homes. We would not hesitate in recommending our architect Jess Paterson and Natural Log Homes team if you were to consider log construction  "


June 2016, Castle Hill


"I was walking on Camp Bay Rd on the weekend and saw some architecture that made my heart sing – the McPhail property! What a superb response to an environmentally sensitive area. There are sadly far too many examples of design which confirm that sometimes money doesn’t necessarily buy taste, and it truly was a moment of “A-ha – finally someone who knows what they are doing!!”. I am sure this will be a wonderful residence to be truly lived in, I trust the owners are loving your design, and should we ever build again I will most definitely have you on my wishlist  (although being a business owner in Christchurch at the moment might mean it is a way off yet!!)"